Barden Capital Has

Nearly twenty years of investment counseling

and portfolio management

What we offer you

We attempt to deliver consistent performance and reduce risk through diversification into various asset classes and market segments, factoring in taxes, inflation, the ever-changing markets, and your personal financial needs and desires. Clients receive statements they can understand, a year-end tax package, online access to their account information, our quarterly investment newsletter, systematic deposit and withdrawal capability.

Enhanced Tax Management

Private investment portfolios allow for greater flexibility in tax management than mutual funds. Investors have the ability to delay realization of investment gains or losses depending on tax consequences.

Customization & Adaptability

Each account can evolve with our clients’ changing lives.

Lower Portfolio Costs

Generally, management expenses are lower than that of the average mutual fund. Private accounts differ from mutual funds, which combine investor assets into one common portfolio. The account holder owns individual stocks, which allows for a personally tailored investment approach.

Private Account Advantages

At Barden Capital, you work with a portfolio manager who also helps identify your objectives for asset growth, income, principal protection and tax minimization. Throughout this process, depending on your needs, we will also consider your family requirements and tax considerations while maintaining a traditional focus on considerations of risk and return.

Goal-based Asset Management

To help determine an appropriate asset allocation for your portfolio, we will use software to analyze your current financial position relative to your long-term priorities. This allows us to customize our investment allocation recommendations.

Extensive Research

Barden Capital relies on extensive proprietary and external research resources. Our equity selection process has been honed over fourteen years of institutional money management.

The Barden Capital Difference

Your plans and objectives become the basis for a portfolio that is designed for your particular needs. Whether you are looking for wealth preservation or accumulation, a privately managed account can be tailored to fit your requirements and risk tolerance. After carefully assessing client needs, we will devise an asset allocation that balances equity preferences and risk management. We can accommodate most special considerations you may have, including single stock or sector concentrations.

Eric Barden has been managing money for individuals and institutions for the past fourteen years. He is a frequent guest on CNBC and Bloomberg, and has been the subject of numerous articles appearing in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Business Week, Kiplinger’s and Forbes.